The much anticipated release of our new website has happened.

We know how hard it is for teachers and parents to find the time to plan and organise tours.

Thats were we come in. 

Our belief is more than putting students on a bus and simply just taking them somwhere. We believe that every excursion is a unique opportunity to learn and gain knowledge from a living classroom.

  • We offer tailor made itineraries designed specifically for your school, to enhance curriculm based outcomes.
  • We make all the enquires and do all the planning.
  • We provide detailed itineraries and travel notes.
  • We only use accredited coach companies, that meet our high standards.
  • We provide all the necessary support during your excursion/ tour.
  • We are you 1 call shop. 

Think of the time you’ll save and the stress you’ll leave behind as we take care of every detail of your next school excursion!